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RouteShoot has developed a geo-referenced video, route tracking application for a smartphone.

RouteShoot are experts at smartphone applications but had little experience in developing a item of hardware.

Blue Ripple was recommended to RouteShoot by the Exeter Innovation Centre, they were wanting a remote control to operate with their smartphone application.

Blue Ripple suggested using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) for long battery life and low cost.

The Bluegiga BLE113 module was selected due to the availability of development tools.

Due to the relatively low volume of this product, an off  the shelf enclosure was used.

Several enclosures were presented to RouteShoot,  the most appropriate was selected.

Blue Ripple designed the electronics to fit the selected enclosure. A CNC program was developed to machine additional features into the enclosure to suit the requirements.

Blue Ripple developed the firmware on the module, and worked with RouteShoot software developers to ensure it worked with the smartphone app.

Two versions of the remote control were produced, the first with a cream coloured enclosure to work with IOS phones and the second with a black enclosure to work with Android phones, each had a different UUID.

The finished design has four buttons, each controlling a different function on the smartphone, and two LEDs, one to show a Bluetooth connection and the other controlled by the smartphone to show acknowledgment of the button push, the single AAA provides several months of operation.

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