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Blue Ripple has used the Texas low power processor MSP430 in a number of products, ranging from RFID readers, power supply controller, industrial automation and a stepper motor controller.


Blue Ripple’s initial product was a Bluetooth based messaging and locating system for which Blue Ripple received a SMART award. Blue Ripple has since designed Bluetooth into a number of products.

EMC Investigations

Blue Ripple has supported customers with pre-compliance, compliance testing, diagnosing reasons for failures and redesigning where required.


Blue Ripple has designed RFID readers in the LF frequency band with the emphasis in low power and range.

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Smart Bluetooth

Smart Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth LE, has the ability to work with an application on a Smartphone or tablet. As demonstrated with the Smartphone remote developed by Blue Ripple.

Stepper Motor Controller

Blue Ripple has integrated a Texas MSP430 processor with an Allegro A4988 stepper motor driver on a single board, to make a programmable controller for industrial applications.

Marine Electronics

Blue Ripple has experience in designing product for the marine environment, in particular 406 EPIRBs and SARTs.

Analogue/RF Design/Low power design.

Blue Ripple has designed both RF and analogue circuits in many products aided with SPICE simulation. Many of the products designed have been battery powered where low power circuit design is crucial.


Blue Ripple has designed lightning protection devices as well as developing solutions to protect radio sites against the effects of lightning.