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Blue Ripple can offer a design service from the feasibility stage, through design, to prototypes. We have designed for many environments, focused to give the most cost effective solution to achieve the  best performance to meet the products requirement .


Blue Ripple has many years of experience in the electronics industry, working with both small and large companies. We can help you at any stage of your project, whether it is;

Regulatory Consultancy


Blue Ripple has been advising and helping customers with issues associated with EMC testing and design for many years.


Blue Ripple has designed lightning protection devices as well as developing solutions to protect radio sites against the effects of lightning.

Electronic Design

Blue Ripple can offer


Blue Ripple can rapidly produce prototype boards with an in house Pick and Place machine.

Blue Ripple also has a small CNC milling machine to carry out machining operations on enclosures and manufacture small plastic components.